From The 16th Of May To The 18th Of May 2014 TroubleSome_KiDs Will Be Hosting A CAMP “Fashion x Music x Art x Culture x Education x Creativity x Peace & Unity” 

It’s An ARTs Development Camp, Targeted At The Youth To Eradicate And Motivate Individuals To Start Taking Action Within Their Bounds.

The Camp Will Take Place At The Wilger River Resort In Bronkhorstspruit, East Of Pretoria In Gauteng. 
It’s Going To Be A 3 Day FASHION FIESTA, With All The Fashion Things Being Done And Taught. 
We As The TroubleSome_KiDs Would Like To Make This A Memorable And Everlasting Moment To All Our Friends, With That Being Said, We Only Have “60 Beds” Reserved, It’s A First Come First Serve Type Of Thing. So I Suggest You Start BOOKING…. 
The CAMP Is Not Specifically About Fashion, But The Main Focus Is ARTS Development Amongst Our Youth 

We’ll Be Hosting All 
Fashion Designers
Fashion Buyers
Skate Boarding Crews
Graphic Designers

And Many More Artistic Souls   

Total For One person = R500

Accommodation for 3 days = R220

Transport = R100

Food = R180 (2 dinners, 2 breakfast
and 2 Lunch) 

The Venue Has A Dam, Sports Field And 
Other entertainment Areas

On Saturday The 17th Of May “Day2” We Will Be Blessed By A Fashion Show„ Our YOUNG Brothers And Sisters Will Be Showing Casing Their Crafts„”Garments Garments And Outfits. The Young Talented Models Will Work The Ramp In The Newest And Latest Trends.
A lot Of Obstacle Courses and Experimental Activities Shall Take Place during the Weekend.

May You Please Share What’s On Your Mind / If You Want To Be Part Of The Camp Please Email Us At 

Go On Our BLOG For More Information About The Camp

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Instagram: @TroubleSome_Kids

((((Deposit for accommodation Should Be In Before 31st April Or On The Day))))

PATRIOT ACT II; Your vote is Golden

I just had a conversation with my brothers. Some things came up.

- Where are the political parties? By now we should know who we are voting for but all the parties are in hiding. In the past, we were used to hearing Public service announcements on loudspeakers inviting us for rallies or spreading whatever information they felt was necessary at the time, what happened to that? Mapolotiki le ko kae? Le campainger leng? It’s only a few months away from the general election, I shouldn’t be seeking you out.

- This year has seen the greatest rise in voter apathy but the government is not doing enough to turn things around. The supplementary registration came and went and still they failed to reach the target. The majority of our population is made up of the youth and we have the power to sway votes but we are sleeping. It’s not enough that we grumble in our own little corner and think somehow miraculously things will change. Your voice is the vote and its worth more than you can ever imagine.

- It all boils down to patriotism; we don’t have a sense of ownership of this country. In the grand scheme of things, MPs and politicians are our employees. We put them in parliament to serve the interests of the people. Like a fellow writer put it, its patriotism in its highest form to demand that these people be held accountable for everything that happens in the country. We should never ever be afraid to ask questions about misuse of funds or malpractice at any level after all, most of finances trickle down to the taxpayer. This country and its resources are ours. Or maybe I’m wrong. 

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“females are often fearful of me [and] others, intimidated by me. I mean in some ways I can understand. There’s the women that meet me under the pretence of my public persona, and then there’s the others that just aren’t comfortable with having strong feelings for me, or falling for me as fast or hard as they do. 

It usually takes women a while, but eventually they realize I have no interest in taking advantage of them. I mean, I get it. I’m charming, cunning, clever, well spoken [and] I have the power to be manipulative if I wanted to be….whatever. Like, I date women that have all these very same qualities so I don’t see what the big deal is. 

Anyway, I’ve noticed that women tend to prefer dating guys/or even girls that are seemingly safe and harmless. And I just laugh, ‘cause those are the ones that do you the dirtiest. 

It’s funny, most animals show you their teeth because they don’t want, or intend, to bite you. When they do want to bite you, they sit silently and get you as close as they possibly can and then strike when you least expect it. The point being, I let my fangs hang. I show my teeth so that you know exactly who and what you’re dealing with. Truth is, most women have to fuck with a shit load of fake[s] before they can openly deal with a person like me.”

I don’t know who wrote this but I’ll forever resonate with me

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

If I put it to you…

If I put it to you…

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Download Razkill_99’s new single #ThSwchUp produced byMr.OBVDO here »

 Fruits of my sitdown with him coming by the end of the week.

Facebook; Razkill NinetyNine.

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