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Snaps with @FisaGC. Some hood Gaborone, Botswana.

No still waters over here.

No still waters over here.

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I wouldnt put my hands on a woman but I would shake the shit out of her,


LEVELS: The Problem with AKA [@akaworldwide]


Most artists now, from indie come-ups to famous mega stars, suffer from social media suicide brought on either by un thought-out replies to slander, posting insensitive media, gross oversharing or a combination of all these. Just like the old adage where focus goes, energy flows infers, what you give attention to on social media will consume your energies and in turn will be what you will be judged on. How you respond to negative comments should always speak to your character. 

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Kanye West Typographic Design
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Kanye West Typographic Design

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@rikyrickworld - Nafukwa video.

Lyrics from his Instagram

"Oh you just bought a Benz nigga fuck that shit/ Oh you bout to hit the club pop bottles with yo so called friends nigga fuck dat shit/ Oh you say you got chains, lemmi see dem shits, muthafuvka dem links ain’t real/ Boyzin Bucks, we keep it Stundee/ Ehlis’ umoya, uDlala ngenKani/ Actually udume ngani/ LesiStayela sakho Siduma ngami/ LeBathu Lakho lidume ngami/ Boyzin Bucks vir maak a plan/ Kohlwa amaJordan we finished with that/ Bopha amaHit, studio mix/ Panda amaShow actually ngidingi Imali yo/ Thengel’ incosi impahla/ Actually ndingi imali yoh, siza majita/ Told em one day sozifika/ Phupha amaphupha amangingi/ Rockin Italian jean, killin the scene/ Wish you had seen what I seen/ Open ur eyes, maybe you seen wat I seen/ Wish you had been were I been/ These muthafuvkas eish/ I miss my nigga Brown Dash/ I pray to GOD I really miss my nigga Brown Dash/ LORD I miss my nigga Brown Dash/ I pray to GOD please bring back my nigga Brown Dash/ THAT MUTHAFUCKA WOULDVE BEEN BOYZIN BUCKS. NAFUKWA!!/" 

"Sathath’ amaPic/ Ncabhuza amaChick/ Sashoota amaFlick/ Sipusha lomswenko/ Sahluph’ amaBank/ Sihluph’ amaBank/ Sideva amaLame/ Sahlek’ amaLame/ They got in their lane/ Sinswembu ngeFame/ Sireppa kakhulu,we killin the game/ They cava the name, the Boyzn a Bucks/ The Boyzn a Bucks/ The Girlzn a Bucks/ They coming with you, they vaain with us/ She loving my Bra/ They loving my Bras/ They chuckin they Bras/ Lona ngiyamazi, ugqoke iGolide, ngiyamazi, uphume Emlazi/ 

I like the bit about flexing in the streets when you could use the money to build your team and provide for your fam. Really that’s all you’re here for in life tbqh.

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Catfish Nab-a-peen

Young catfish I caught in a trawler

The nugget turned gold

out of the murky water.

Now I’m bawling on my own

Deception is a motherfucker.

Lies told so bold

Easily fell from your body

Easily caught by my heart’s eye

The greatest ones were on my mind.

She’s been overfed by a silver spoon

Cried herself to sleep to Frank Ocean’s croon.

A pot of piff a white of sniff

They all can’t seem to fix

Alone but not lonely

mind is convinced.

Equally lonely lovers

Many a man-child broke her cradle

Young catfish I caught in murky water

It breaks my mind to watch you fold

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

— E. E. Cummings