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Righteous Riot [whores have better stories]

Manic magician hiding emotions as I go

A whore’s bed laid with roses (is) where I woke

Have you not seen how agile a demon’s legs will bend

To lure an angel to the fold?

There’s no rest for a righteous mind

Who is righteous if we all bleed?

I met a blind man by the wayside,

He said “I see pain in your heart and feel your sadness cutting deep

Bring me gold, bring me treasure:

My fee for the healing you seek

What is a gift I can’t exploit to eat?

He cured the sickness of the whores

And the penchant for the drink.

I stabbed and I robbed him of his life and his gold.

On a pillow I laid my head and slept like a babe

Days of the dark have disappeared

Days when I couldn’t sleep a wink.

Hallelujah! Praise the day.

        -Kwaku Gyanteh

"When a woman says she loves you she’ll be all you need
When a woman says she loves you, it should be all you need
Been in the dark so long, its getting hard to see"

Seth Waler “In The Dark”

A.T.I = Godly
photot credit unknown.

A.T.I = Godly

photot credit unknown.

Playlist. I don’t know how but find them. The internet is a wonderful place.


Playlist. I don’t know how but find them. The internet is a wonderful place.


@akaworldwide @vthseason “Levels” physical copies in stores

"Levels" physical copies out in stores

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment that we have all been waiting for is here. AKA’s “Levels” hard copies are finally available in stores, nationwide!! Get yourself a copy of an album which many claim to be the album of the year, co-signed by industry tastemakers, hip hop heads, house heads and YOU!! “Levels” is available at a Musica near you!!!


And On The Third Day, Yeezus Rose

Late #tbt write-up idc idc idc

Interesting thing I happened to happen on the interweb the other day, the rarest of rarities, a Kanye West interview! Every once in a while The Chosen One decides to bless us, the simpletons, with a glimpse into his vision and the innermost workings of his mind and how great of a human being, if not god he is. He came on the Zane Lowe show on BBC radio whose visuals come to us in a three part video on YouTube….



[REPOST] LEVELS: The Problem with AKA



Most artists now, from indie come-ups to famous mega stars, suffer from social media suicide brought on either by unthought-out replies to slander, posting insensitive media, gross oversharing or a combination of all these. Just like the old adage where focus goes, energy flows infers, what you give attention to on social media will consume your energies and in turn will be what you will be judged on. How you respond to negative comments should always speak to your character. 

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@ChefGustos New Single #COME

In the early hours of the morning while some of us were sleeping, this young House/hip hop and kwaito producer, dancer, musician and everything in between decided to release his new single to the public. Here’s Chef Gustos’ second single and your new favourite song, Come FREE download.

Another great product  from Botswana.